Windsurf y Kitesurf
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The east wind each year attracts thousands of people of all nationalities amateur windsurfing and kitesurfing. Los Canos has been repeatedly headquarters official championships of the sport. On windy days the sea is filled with countless colorful sails that make all kinds of acrobatic stunts.

Los Canos is known for its special characteristics of wind and waves. The most popular places to windsurf is in front of Urbanization Beaches of the Strait, where the wind is lateral and larger waves, especially in winter swell and form.

For Kitesurf, the ideal area is the beach Marisucia, just around the bend before the lighthouse. The scenic lighthouse with kites is incredible.

On auspicious days you can enjoy acrobatic stunts and high speeds on water. Try to avoid the lighthouse by currents and beware of reefs along the coast.


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